Studio Butterfly

What does it mean to be a creative person? Develop your creative essence, courage and freedom, and keep doing it all your life. Creativity is a dialog with the world, an ability to identify what is beautiful, pure, authentic. It is the most precise tool to look for “your” people among all those who you meet on your path of life. But, first of all, we all must find ourselves. I always associated this search with painting and music. I launched a course of creative development when I realized how painting and piano exercises can fit together within one holistic concept of creative development.

I invite to my Butterfly Studio both young children and adults. Children can absorb everything they are offered: everything around them, they can learn things even from air or from the environment in which people interact. Everything they learn and find out in their childhood and youth is manifested later on; reminiscences of knowledge and skills can surface in their adulthood.

Years of work in Butterfly Studio gave me the happiness to watch children changing, to witness the wonderful transformations, when a child becomes self-aware in this world. When children can create freely, they learn spontaneity, openness and curiosity; they learn to master their individuality, what it is to be free, inquisitive and creative whatever is their walk of life.

This ability of creative development fades out, if a person does not direct his/her psychic energy into this channel. As time passes, we ‘forget’ how interesting and fascinating the world is, and how easily we used to embark on incredible journeys awake or asleep. Many of my adult students have rediscovered themselves, in the true sense of the word. When I teach adult students, we ‘dust off’ the long forgotten internal instruments of creativity to re-experience the unparalleled joy of creation.

Butterfly Studio offers only individual lessons, so all the time is dedicated to you or your child.