Tatiana Todorova-Zagumionnaia (TZR)

Beauty, Unity and Rhythm, the Divine and the Human, Transformation, Suddenness, Spontaneity… these are underlying factors of my creation.

I have been in introspective painting for over twenty years now, and for me, this is the most fascinating occupation in the world – to learn what THIS LIFE is from inside, and to break the boundaries of common perceptions of reality… To understand what makes us happy or unhappy? Lucky or unlucky? Why are we loved or not loved?
What is this world we are born in? What is me in this world? Why are we here? This is what I am drawing in my works, and all answers can be found there, the answers I have found for myself, for you, for all of us. DESTINY as the fatal word turned out to be not so ‘fatal’, because everything can be fixed, even the destiny itself… It is something worth painting and even dedicating your whole life to. Will you agree? Or ‘to suffer // The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, courageously taking and fending off the blows? And knowing that tomorrow may be a better day, or maybe not? These numerous ‘whys’, however, make us restless. How annoying it is not to know answers and understand that even the smartest advice is not good enough… and why so, again? And I am so ‘lucky’, for I learnt to find answers inside me, and everything has changed – me, my life, everything around me. I will be happy to help anyone who wants to answer their ‘whys’. What I will need to do is to draw a painting, which will bear the divine clarity of existence.
I am not only drawing love and harmony, trying to bring energies to balance, for I am the balance itself, which brings me the profound understanding of existence in love and joy. Now I am sharing this experience, I have students whose works make me feel so proud, and they are able to create their own formulae of happiness and harmony. I am pretty convinced that anyone who feels this need can realize the potential of their talent, and I am happy to help all those who seek.


Tatiana Todorova was born in Chisinau (Moldova) in 1961
1980: graduated from Stefan Neaga Music College and started teaching piano
1989: participated in young artists exhibition (Chisinau, Moldova)
1993: first personal exhibition in the Theatre Union (Chisinau, Moldova)
1994: attended young artists exhibition (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
1995: works exhibited in an art gallery in Toulouse (France)
1996: invited to attend a private art gallery in Lyon (France)
2000: personal exhibition in Bonn (Germany)
2006: represented visual arts of Moldova at her personal exhibition in Council of Europe’s Palace (Strasbourg, France)
2007: personal exhibition in Leogrand Hotel (Chisinau, Moldova)
1997 – 2010: attended various art exhibitions in Chisinau, Moldova
Member of “Association Internationale des Arts Plasticues”, la science et la culture UNESCO FRANCE since 2008
2012: participated in Baraonda international contest of grotesque painting and drawing (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2014: personal exhibition in Grand Hall Center (Chisinau, Moldova)
2014: opens Butterfly Creation Studio
2018: personal exhibition titled “Painting in Music”, National Philharmonic (Chisinau, Moldova)
2018: personal exhibition in Traian Gallery (Iasi, Romania)

Tatiana Todorova’s paintings can be found in private collections in the USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Germany, Israel, Russia and other countries